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If you are new to massage therapy, here's what to expect during your appointment:


**1. Importance of Massage**  

Massage is not just a luxury; it offers significant health benefits. Understanding your goals and the different massage modalities will help you achieve optimal results. We will discuss this during your consultation. [Click here for the Benefits of Massage.]


**2. Arrival and Intake Form**  

Upon arrival, you will complete an intake form, similar to other therapy practices. This form helps identify any contraindications, determine appropriate modalities, frequency of massage, and gather allergy and medical history information.


**3. Pre-Massage Preparation**  

After our consultation, I will step out of the room. Once you are ready, press the button to signal me. Disrobe to your underwear and cover yourself with the top sheet. For women, removing the bra is optional. Your modesty and comfort are paramount, and state-regulated draping is used.


**4. During the Massage**  

For general massages, I recommend minimal conversation to enhance relaxation, but feel free to communicate your preferences for temperature, pressure, etc. For focused massages, I will ask questions about pain levels and tension to tailor the session.


**5. Post-Massage**  

Once the session is complete, take your time getting up to avoid dizziness. I will leave the room for you to get dressed. Afterward, you can check out and schedule your next appointment.


**6. Hydration**  

Drink water to help flush out metabolic waste from your system.

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