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If you are unfamiliar with massage and the process, that is ok. Here is some guidance for how I conduct my massage appointments. 

First, massage is not a luxury. We are past that mentality. Massage helps individuals with a variety of health benefits. It is important to understand why you are coming in for a massage and understanding the different types of modalities involved in massage. Understanding these two key elements will help you reach your massage goals. We will discuss this during the consultation part of your appointment. Click here for The Benefits of Massage. 

Second, upon arriving for your appointment you will fill out an intake form, as you would in any practice providing therapy. This form helps me with determining any contraindications and serves as a bases as to what modalities I will apply, frequency of massage to consider, allergy information and general medical history background.   

Third, after the consultation portion I will step out of the massage room after our consultation. You will then press a button that rings in my office letting me know that you are ready for me to walk back in the room. You will then lay down on the massage table then covering yourself with the top sheet. I will instruct you to start laying up or down depending on what therapy goal you have chosen. You will disrobe down to your underwear. This is as far as I will allow you to disrobe. For ladies, it is up to you whether to leave bra on or not. Your modesty and comfort is important to me. State regulated draping is used during sessions. 

Fourth, if you chose general massage I do not advocate chatter during the massage as this will interfere with optimal results. I want clients to relax as much as possible. But that is up to you. No worries either way. Let me know if you get hot or cold during your session and let me know if you would like less or more pressure, etc. If we are conducting FOCUASED MASSAGE then I will be asking questions during the session pertaining to the pain levels of your TRIGGER POINTS and radiating pains and tension levels and such.

Fifth, once our time is up, I will ask that you do not get up quickly as you may get dizzy. I will then step out and leave you to getting dressed. Once you are ready you will then check out and make your next appointment. 

Last, drink water. Water helps to flush metabolic waste out of your system.   


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